With this International Conference on Ecohydrology we aim to bring together the international scientific and educational communities to, jointly with the institutional and socio-economic sectors, discuss the existing good practices and the solutions required for ensuring a security of water bodies and the sustainability of the fundamental goods and services they provide.

Selected papers from oral and poster presentations will be published by ELSEVIER International Journal "Ecohydrology and Hydrobiology".

Invited Guest Speakers

Michael McClain - UNESCO-IHE, The Netherlands
Vera Huskar - Museu Nacional/Universidade Federal Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Pilar Villar - Universidade Federal de São Paulo, Brazil
Vera Guarda - Universidade Federal de Ouro Preto, Brazil
Edmilson Teixeira - Universidade Federal do Espirito Santo, Brazil
Angela Ortigara - UNESCO-World Water Assessment Programme
James Kahn -  Washington and Lee University, USA
William Mazariegos - Fairfield University, USA
Marcello Gavino - University of La Plata, Argentina
Miguel Doria - UNESCO Office in Montevideo, Uruguay
Giuseppe Arduino - UNESCO-IHP, France



Currently humanity is facing a crucial challenge for its presence and future: management and restoration of water resources for nature and humans, under increasing pressures on water quality and availability. Disruption of water cycle locally and globally, interventions into ecosystems structure and performance, and market driven consumption of water treated as unlimited resource, pose serious threats to security of ecosystems and people. That means not only environmental degradation, but also amplification of risks of conflicts in trans-boundary areas, as well as conflicts of interest between stakeholders, what deepens social inequity and poverty. The challenge is complex and thus requires an integration of sciences, knowledge of long-term data on human-nature interactions, and a close dialogue between scientists, water professional, water managers and institutions, at all levels.

In 1997 UNESCO IHP developed and introduced an Ecohydrology concept as a  backbone of sustainable approach to water resources. Currently it has been adopted by the 193 member states, as one of the 5 major topics for the VIII IHP Programme, to be applied between 2014 and 2021. This holistic approach aims the restoration of aquatic ecosystems in broader landscape context, by integrating science, education and policy in multiple temporal and spatial scales.

The International Ecohydrology Conference - for security of aquatic systems and societies, is organized in collaboration with UNESCO IHP Programme, UNESCO Water Centres and Long-Term Ecosystem Research Network. It takes place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on 20-24th March 2017 and is associated with World Water Day.

The conference languages are English and Portuguese.

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The International Conference on Ecohydrology 
is organized 
under auspices of UNESCO IHP by 
the International Centrefor Coastal Ecohydrology
UNESCO, & with support ofthe EU 
Master Course in Ecohydrology


The main topics of the conference

  • Water security
  • Risk adaptation & management
  • Extreme events: causes & consequences
  • Global water cycle & human pressures
  • Freshwater ecology
  • River basin, estuarine & coastal ecohydrology
  • Urban ecohydrology
  • Aquatic systems conservation under pressures
  • Ensuring water quantity & quality along rivers
  • Economics & IWRM
  • Governance, participation & and institutional
  • Water cultures & equity
  • Education on water & capacity building
  • Monitoring and modelling for water
    quality & quantification of related impacts
  • Restoration of aquatic & water related
  • Dams, energy & river-coastal connectivity
  • Water uses, conflicts, trade, and risk
    to water flows